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Quote of the day: How writing is exactly like entrepreneurship

I was a journalist for seven years and I’m married to an entrepreneur, but I never saw the connection between the two professions until today, when I read Hugo Lindgren’s great essay in today’s New York Times.

Based on the title, “Be Wrong As Fast As You Can,” I thought it would be an essay about business, but it’s essentially about how Lindgren has never followed through on his big dreams of writing screenplays. His comments about writing precisely mirror comments Jon (and others) have made about starting a business: fail early, fail often.

Ideas, in a sense, are overrated. Of course, you need good ones, but at this point in our supersaturated culture, precious few are so novel that nobody else has ever thought of them before. It’s really about where you take the idea, and how committed you are to solving the endless problems that come up in the execution.

Quote of the day: How Biz Stone and Evan Williams come up with new ideas

From an interview in FastCompany:

Stone:┬áThe way Ev and I work together is, I may come up with something that’s just ridiculous. But Ev is willing to listen for a certain amount of time. Like–this is a bad example–I might say, assume there’s no gravity, okay? We could do this. And, you know, the conversation might get to a good idea that actually would work with gravity.