How Electrolux revamped its consumer-focused innovation

BusinessWeek is one of the best publications covering innovation today. I’m finally making it through the Nov. 4 issue and found this great story about how Electrolux revamped its innovation efforts by focusing on the consumer and highlighting design. Here are a few of the things the company did:

  1. Incorporated ethnography. Market researchers spent hours in consumers’ homes watching how they vacuumed in order to develop the new bagless model.
  2. Built an “innovation triangle.” The company brought together the design, R&D, and marketing departments to make joint decisions on new products.
  3. Elevated design: The company created a position of chief design officer, and is now “one of just a handful of companies – Apple is another – where the chief designer reports directly to the CEO.

Read more at BusinessWeek.

One thought on “How Electrolux revamped its consumer-focused innovation

  1. michele clark says:

    This is very interesting. On a completely other topic, did you know that in Great Britain, because the government had some major mess-ups in new technology, they now have a cabinet level post as head of technology for the government and government techies to do the work – rather than farming it out.

    And guess who did their last major mess-up —??? The same company the US hired to do the health care roll out.

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