5-Second Innovation Lesson from Braden Kowitz

A recent BusinessWeek article profiled how Google Ventures helps the startups in its portfolio go through a rapid design and iteration process. Here’s a great quote from Braden Kowitz, a design partner at the firm:

With Gmail, we knew the problem was that people needed to organize mail better. At startups, you don’t always know what the problem is. So the value isn’t in getting it exactly right, but in getting feedback along the way.

The same could be said for large corporations.

One thought on “5-Second Innovation Lesson from Braden Kowitz

  1. michele clark says:

    In general, getting feedback along the way is becoming the best practices (hate that term) way to go everywhere. In psychotherapy (See work by Scott Miller and others) and in medicine – see Atul Gawande’s book and essays from a few years ago about this in hospitals.

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