Our local Whole Foods is facing competition…

…from other Whole Foods locations. Another outlet recently opened in Somerville, just a 15 minute drive away. That means Somerville residents who might have previously driven to my neighborhood now have an option closer to home. So my local Whole Foods is fighting back:

Whole Foods

“The only Whole Foods Market in the area with more than 700 varieties of beer and wine.”

This was one of a series of signs that specifically touted Whole Foods River Street, rather than the company as a whole. I found this interesting – I’ve never noticed a chain outlet blatantly touting its own offerings over others nearby. However, it must happen often. Managers probably have to walk a fine line, subtly promoting their own location without undermining the company’s brand.

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One thought on “Our local Whole Foods is facing competition…

  1. michele clark says:

    So this is very interesting. It’d be interesting – if you’re in the mood and had the time – to ask the manager of the one near you about it. Inter-corporation-warfare?

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