5-Second Innovation Lesson from Sumner Redstone

Another great quote from the History Channel series, “The Men Who Built America.”
“They don’t think in terms of money – they think in terms of wining. Now naturally if you win big in business money follows. but that shouldn’t be your objective. Your objective should be to win. Win win win, all the time. Not sometimes, all the time.”
-Sumner Redstone
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One thought on “5-Second Innovation Lesson from Sumner Redstone

  1. michele clark says:

    Hmmm. I know this was true of Bill Gates who was both a nerd and very competitive. However, this contradicts the idea of failing often in order to learn which is also a good innovation lesson. How do you, Hannah, or Jon square these two? On the third hand, who is Sumner Redstone? On the fourth hand, with a name like Sumner Redstone how could you not win?

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