5-second Innovation Lesson from Jack Welch

Jon and I recently started watching “The Men Who Made America,” the History Channel series about Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Ford, J.P. Morgan, and Carnegie. The first episode contained three great quotes, so I’ve decided to launch a series on 5-second innovation lessons. First, from Jack Welch:

“Innovation is not a big breakthrough invention every time. Innovation is a constant thing. But if you don’t have an innovative company, coming to work every day to find a better way, you don’t have a company. You’re getting ready to die on the vine.”
-Jack Welch

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3 thoughts on “5-second Innovation Lesson from Jack Welch

  1. michele clark says:

    I like this. There are many more good ideas around than there are resources to actualize them or further set-ups for making these good ideas into reality. But this is a vigorous quote. I look forward to the others.

  2. This is somethig Xerox and a few other big companies should take to heart,,

  3. michele clark says:

    GMC is another good example. But what’s with Xerox, Stephen – I’d be interested to hear.

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