Monthly Archives: May 2013

How LinkedIn just became indispensable

When it comes to staying organized, I have two big problems. Well, I used to — LinkedIn just solved one of them.

I’ve been using LinkedIn as an address book for a long time. After all, why bother loading someone’s information into Google contacts, when we can just connect on LinkedIn? But there was one issue: LinkedIn didn’t contain a history of my relationships. With many contacts, I had to dig through old emails to figure out when we last talked or whether we’ve even met in person at all.

LinkedIn just solved that with its new contacts tool, which can integrate with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Evernote, and my phone. Now, LinkedIn knows who I’ve spoken to and even when we’ve met in person. The Contacts tab includes my daily agenda and provides suggestions of people to whom I should reach out. I already visit LinkedIn frequently, but now I have a reason to make it a daily destination.

Now, if only someone would fulfill my other major need … but I’ll write about that in a future post.